Bravissimo Dance Studio students register for a 10-month training program. Classes begin Monday, September 4, 2018 and ends on Dec 16, 2018. Resume Jan 7 to 15.

Registration Fee - $50 per student per year

Options of Payment: (refer to Schedule/ Tuition for discounts)
     Option 1: Full payment is due upon registration. 
     Option 2: First payment due upon registration. Second payment due on December 12th.

Clients should understand that tuition is based on the full program September 4, 2017 - June 16, 2018 , and full payment is due regardless of the number of classes each month.

Uniform - $30
Uniform (A leotard and a skirt) must be purchased on the first day of class.

Late Charge
may not participate in classes, performances or competitions until tuition is paid in full.

A service charge of $25 will be made on returned checks. 

A STUDENT WILL NOT BE GIVEN A REFUND FOR CLASSES MISSED.  Students are expected to attend and to observe class. Parents must call in, email or send a note of permission if a student sits out due to illness or injury for each class missed. Sitting out may lead to changes in casting.

Prorating is only applied to new students entering in the middle of a month. We do not pro-rate for missed classes. 

For families with more than one child enrolled, a 10% discount is applied to the first sibling with the lowest tuition rate and 15% discount for sibling with the lowest tuition with 2+ siblings enrolled.
Students at Bravissimo Dance Studio are expected to conduct themselves in a disciplined, respectful and courteous manner. The school reserves the right to suspend or withdraw service from any student and family whose attitude, attendance or conduct is found to be inappropriate and unsatisfactory. 

Students are expected to attend every class for which they are enrolled. It is essential that students arrive to class on time and ready to learn and dance. It is important to properly warm-up to avoid injuries. 

Make-up Classes
When your child is absent due to illness or other obligations, you child has the option to make up the missed class in another class of the same level or the level immediately below. Making up a class is optional, but Bravissimo Dance Studio does not refund for missed classes. Make-up classes must be taken within thirty days of the absence.

Once the tuition is paid, there will be no refunds for student withdrawals .Two week written notice to Bravissimo Dance Studio is appreciated if your intention is to discontinue classes before the following tuition due date.

Dress Code
Upon registration, the student will receive one leotard and one uniform dance skirt for girls to be worn for Bravissimo Dance Studio special days; such as, Observations class, evaluations and Master classes which will be announced by the Director. Boys/Men are to wear black tights and a white fitter shirt on those days.  For all other classes,  girls can wear any type/color of leotard, pink tights and ballet slippers with ribbons or pointe shoes. For boys a white T-shirt and black shorts or black tights, white socks and ballet slippers.

Two evaluations will be given to students assessing their progress in ballet in a full year Program. The first evaluation will be written by Bravissimo Dance Studio teachers at the end of the first Semester (refer to calendar). A second evaluation will be given as an exam result by the guest panel of Teachers. Both evaluations will be also used by the Artistic Faculty to decide on promotions.

Observation Classes
 All regular classes and rehearsals are closed for observation inside the studio to prevent distractions to our students. Observation classes will be scheduled for families to view the progress of their child. If any family member is visiting and you would like to invite them to observe a class, feel free to contact the office to reserve the visit. Pictures or Videotape are prohibited in this events.

The school offers a Winter and a Spring Performance.
In addition, other events might be organized and will be announced in advanced.
Students taking the Repertoire class agree to perform in Bravissimo Dance Studio events. Parents will purchase appropriate costumes for the performance from Bravissimo Dance Studio only.

Private lessons 
Private coaching is available. Please contact the office for schedule and fees associated with private coaching.

Thank you for helping us create the most professional environment possible for our dancers!