Levels and Attire
Magic Steps

Our Magic Steps will explore the World of Dance through fun, educational
and loving environment. Classes are designed to develop musicality, coordination,
imagination, and love for the art. 
Classes offered: Ballet and Tap

Available for students age 3-5 years old
Pre-Ballet A, B

Students will express themselves through movements and improvised stories in different musical rhythms. Classes are designed to increase musicality, coordination, to expand creativity and continuing improving motor skills. Introduction of exercises that are necessary for the foundation of classical ballet.
Classes offered: Ballet and Tap

Available for students age 5-7 years old. Previous ballet study not required.
Ballet I - II

Students are introduced to ballet vocabulary, basic technique and class etiquette. 
They will acquire knowledge about the foundation of classical ballet. Classes are designed 
to promote awareness of a correct posture along with development of attention span 
and the habits of learning simple combinations.
Classes offered: Ballet, Physical Training, and Repertoire.

Available for students age 8-10 years old. Previous ballet study not required.
Ballet III

This level is designed to emphasis and reinforced the basic ballet foundation. Contributes to continue developing the correct technique and to strengthening the  mind and the body. New challenges are introduced with the expectation of maturity in the understanding of concepts and application.
Classes offered: Ballet, Physical training, Character Dance, Variations, and Repertoire.

Available for students age 9-11 years old. 
Ballet IV

This level marks the beginning of a new division. At this point, focus and discipline have been demonstrated while the student continues to build their vocabulary and strengthen their technique. To enhance their training, pointe work is introduced for girls and challenging jumps for boys. The student is encouraged to be aware of quality above quantity.
Classes offered: Ballet, Pointe, Physical Training, Character Dance, and Variation.

Available for students age 10 -12 years old.
Ballet V

A significant increase in dedication, self-discipline and time commitment is necessary. Classes are designed to continuing developing strength, technique skills, the artistic sense of movement and the use of space. Students are expected to demonstrate sufficient maturity and proper body alignment through more challenging combinations. Contemporary work is incorporated to diversify styles and enhance versatility as dancers.
Classes offered: Ballet, Pointe, Variation, Physical training, and Character Dance.

Available for students age 12-14 years old
Ballet VI-VII and Intermediate & Advanced

From Magic Steps to well-rounded artists!
Students are provided with an intensive curriculum and mentored to achieve
the fullest of their individual potential. In addition, students gain valuable life skills
such as confidence, discipline, focus and self-esteem.
The students will be expected to represent the school with proper deportment, technical skills and artistic merit, as well as serve as a role model
to our youngest generation.

Level Intermediate /Advanced has been created for students
available to pursue their career in this artform.  This level is under the same category as Level VI-VII

Classes offered: Ballet, Pointe, Variation, Physical training, Character Dance, Repertoire.
Pas de deux master classes will be in consideration.

Available for students with appropriate level based on age and ability.
Expected 13+
Workshops available: Contemporary, Tap, Hip hop, and Master Classes.
The uniform code TBA